Local 110 Joint Apprenticeship

Our apprenticeship consists of a five-year program registered with the Virginia Department of Labor. It includes a minimum of 216 hours annually of related classroom instruction, in addition to the minimum of 10,000 hours of on the job training provided by the employing contractor over the five year apprenticeship. Apprentices normally work a full day and attend related training two nights per week at the training center.

The related training subjects include science, math, drawing interpretation and plan reading, building codes, and applicable shop labs. In their third year the apprentices may elect to specialize in one of the following career paths: Pipefitting, Plumbing, Mechanical Equipment Service (HVAC) & Pipe Welding

In addition to the technical instruction apprentices receive training in several areas including: OSHA Safety Courses, Medical Gas Courses & First Aid including CPR certification

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